Dry Soya Chunks– 200 gms

Potato – 1 large Cooked

Breadcrumbs – 2 cups

Cornflour / Corn Starch – 2 tblspn

All Purpose Flour / Maida – 2 tblspn

Onion -1 chopped finely

Ginger Garlic Paste -1 tblspn

Chilli Powder -1 tsp

Coriander Powder / Malli Podi -1 tblspn

Turmeric Powder / Manjal Podi – 1 tsp

Cumin Seeds / Jeerakam -1 tsp

Salt to taste

Oil-1 tblspn + for pan frying

Coriander Leaves / Cilantro -3 tblspn chopped

Milk – ½ cup (for cooking soya chunks)



Take lots of water and milk in a sauce pan and bring it to a boil..Once it comes to a good boil, add soya chunks/meal maker and switch off the flame..Cover with a lid and let it rest for 15 mins by which time the soya must have doubled in size. Now pour this over a colander and rinse with lots of cold water. Squeeze off the excess water with your hands and set it aside.

Now take this meal maker in a mixer and pulse it till it reaches coarse crumbs..Cook the potatoes and mash them as well. Put this both in a mixing bowl.

Now make the masala. Heat 1 tblspn of oil and add cumin seeds. Add in ginger garlic paste and fry for 1 min.

Now add in onions and sauté for 3 mins. Add in turmeric, chilli, coriander powder and mix well. Throw in lots of coriander leaves and mix once. Add this masala over the soya and potato mixture..

Add salt to the mixture and mix well.

Form small portion out of it and form into round  pattice. Arrange it in a plate and put it in the fridge for 15 mins if you like..

Now mix cornflour and maida with some water and form into a thin paste. Pour this mixture to a shallow plate so that it will be easy to dunk the cutlet it. Put the breadcrumbs in a plate as well.

Now take the cutlet and dunk it in cornflour mixture and then roll it in breadcrumbs and set aside. Finish the entire batch like this.

Heat oil for pan frying, you could deep fry as well. Put the pattice in oil and fry on both sides till golden brown.

Remove to a paper towel and serve with ketchup.


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